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Beylikdüzü Sanat Müzesi, Ambarlı Limanı, Kent Meydanı, Egemen Onur Kaya, Ozan Önder Özener, eok studio
B-Art Museum : Beylikdüzü Nextension

Architectural Concept

Main Scenario is create new public spaces to connect the port with Beylikdüzü center and include it into area.To connect the port with Beylikdüzü center,main purpose is design a museum to act as a landmark and make it attractive for both inhabitant of the region and the local people from center.

The design stresses both the symbolic need of a museum to be a civic icon in the city, plus fulfilling humanistic needs for people to have their own experience with art.This art space is intended to consist of both open and closed areas can be experienced.Out of the art envelope,An open-art space for the three-dimensional art objects and sculpture is intended to fulfill art need of people.For the closed-indoor art space,workshop areas and art classes are included to continuity of the local inhabitants of this self sustainable community,and also forthe art enthusiasts all over the city.The design emphasizes the important balance of both the exterior openness and the interior calmness, both people needs to connect and also their needs to take inner joumeys with the arts.

Istanbul, Beylikdüzü, Turkey
43.000 m²
Collaboration with
Ozan Önder Özener

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