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Fatih Göçmen Merkezi, Tarihi Duvar, Hareketli Cephe, Parçalı Kütle, Egemen Onur Kaya, eok studio
Fatih Immigrant Center

Architectural Concept


The project site is currently used as a car park. There are historical wall remains which belongs to Early Ottoman Period on site. At some points, these wall remains were interfered and their authenticity was damaged.


The design preserves the final state of the historical walls by removing unqualified interventions from the building and makes it a part of the daily life of the new immigration centre. Entrance and Garden Courtyards increase the interaction with the walls by displaying the walls as objects. With its fragmented structure; It symbolizes the coexistence of people of different languages, religions and races. While the building refers to the coexistence of differences, it also keeps up with the composition of the historical wall formed by two different materials, that it stands on. With its modern material, it distinguishes itself by exhibiting an opposite orientation to the lines of the historical wall.


The ground floor is designed as an interaction area. In order to increase the effect of the historical wall, functions are more liberal in this area. After the entrance courtyard, the information desk welcomes the users. The multi-purpose foyer after the info desk, serves its users in different ways such as seminar area, exhibition area for the workshops, announcement area, poster area, etc. Afterwards, there is a cafeteria and garden-courtyard that can serve this area. On the first floor, counseling offices are located which immigrants need services the most. Administrative offices and language course are also located on this floor. The second floor is reserved for functions such as educational workshops, social workshops, cultural workshops and a library – co-working space, which are far from the crowd of circulation and need silence.



The building floats on the historical walls without interfering with them by standing on steel columns. Singular foundations under the steel columns reduce the excavation area and prevent possible finds from being damaged.

Consultancy, Workshop, Education
Istanbul, Fatih, Turkey
535 m²
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Team / Collaboration with KAAworks
Egemen Onur Kaya, Bahadır Kantarcı, Ece Avcı

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