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Flow : Urban Landscape

Concrete inspired by nature

Concrete is different from other materials in terms of application.It is a fluid substance during application, then solidifies. Liquid concrete can be used in fluid forms and can be produced in one piece. Thus, concrete can no longer be a precast element, and can be a source of inspiration for nature-related designs.

Flow is the idea of a new urban landscape that takes its idea from the fluidity of concrete and its form from nature.

The concrete perception of the citizen is associated with the apartment habits of today. It is important to break this perception and to integrate more fun and aesthetic forms of concrete into everyday life.

In addition to creating an
attraction point, the proposal meets various needs of the citizen in various situations. Its structure, which is located in the square, becomes a canopy on sunny days and an eaves - umbrella on rainy days, turns into a place of sitting, meeting and any kind of activity for the city.


Due to the continuity of its form, the urban landscape as a monolithic element provides a fluid transition from the sitting element to the canopy.

Canopy, Activity Space, Landscape
Paris, France
35 m²
Competition / Entry
Egemen Onur Kaya, Gizem Fidan

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