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Kahramanmaraş Meydanı, Kahramanmaraş Çarşısı, İş ve Yaşam Merkezi, Egemen Onur Kaya, eok studio
Maraş Downtown

Architectural Concept

Located at the intersection of Hükümet Boulevard and Malik Ejder Street, the project area is an important social, cultural and commercial area in the center of Kahramanmaraş. It is planned that the new building to be built in this area will act as a catalyst and turn this area into a social and commercial " center ".

General typology of the building adopts the traditional bazaar texture of Maraş, rather then shopping center structure we know in the classical sense. The street structure in the traditional bazaar texture allows the units to receive natural light and fresh air from both sides, therefore aims to reduce operating costs.

The entrances on all four sides of the building are emphasized by the entrance canopies. The different entrances of the design are connected by streets and create a courtyard, a square at their intersection. This courtyard feeds and revives the interior spaces. In this way, the building is accessible from all four sides, the units inside the perimeter are at least as active as the units outside, and the closed areas become balanced with their open areas.

Commercial units welcome the users in the interior and exterior areas of the ground floor. Car Park Entrance is located on 33015 Street. On the upper floors, commercial units serve around the inner courtyard. There are office units at the intersection of Ali Sezai Efendi Street and 33015 Street. Office units are located away from the courtyard, which is the most active part of this building, and in connection with the parking lot.
The roof top of the unit which is in the middle of the building is designed as an open event space and it is connected to the restaurants. This area is at the center of the entire business and living center. It has a visual relationship with the courtyard and other functions.

Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
26.520 m²
Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality
Team / Collaboration with KAAworks
Egemen Onur Kaya, Bahadır Kantarcı, Ece Avcı

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