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Garipçe Kalesi , Kuş Gözlem Birimi, Egemen Onur Kaya, Çelik Strüktür, Teleskop, eok studio
Telesc[]pe : A Birdwatching Tower

Architectural Concept

Garipçe plays a keyrole for bird migration. In order to observe bird migration, an observation unit was designed that hang on the walls of Garipçe Castle.

In addition to bird watchers, it is aimed to create an attraction point that could include the locals and tourists of the region. As the main criteria of the design, it is decided to design a structure that is not limit the view of visitors to the castle and is not interfere the touristic activity.

The system is designed in the same height as the wall and in the dark colors of the wall so that the migrating birds are not disturbed by the system and cannot notice the system.

The fishing nets, local materials of the village, is used in the design to constitute a point of attraction.

The unit, which is formed for the accommodation of bird watchers, is directed to the north side of the wall and creates a boundary for the tourists.

Research Unit
Istanbul, Garipçe, Turkey
12 m²
Collaboration with
Nurbin Paker Kahvecioğlu, İpek Akpınar

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